Thursday, November 17, 2011

today I'm broken.  it has been a week of realizing just how messed up I am; of having sin brought to light; of repenting and tears.  it has been a messy, messy week.  I don't know how to share it with the ladies that I work with. I'm not sure how to teach them the things I want them to learn from this time in my life.  it's all i can do to not break down and cry when i look at them.

they need so much more then I know how to provide.  they need more then me, they need God in all his fullness to come into their hearts and change them on a regular basis.  I need God in all his fullness to come into my heart and change me on a regular basis.  I know this is a truth as old as time, but it is currently one of the hardest things I'm trying to understand and apply in my life.

How do you teach something you have no understanding of yourself?  How do you convey the importance of an issue when you know that you don't really understand what's going on either?

I'm struggling today.  It has been rough here, but I can still quote my friends and say "I don't know the way, but I know THE WAY."

Tears and growing pains,
Mel C

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