Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sometimes I want to run-a-way.  (I like to spell it like that because that's how I say it, it's one word in my world.)  I look at the recipes on a cooking blog and dream of having a kitchen that is predictably available and organized.  I miss cooking and hosting and providing a good time for others.  It is probably one of the biggest hang ups I have about the life that I am currently living.  I love my job, I do not love not having a kitchen to call my very own.  Right now almost everything from "my kitchen" is sitting on a shelf in my overly large bathroom.  I honestly think that Someone could do a little remodeling for me and create a kitchen by adding a wall to my bathroom, I mean what one person needs a bathroom that is bigger then my first dorm room at college?

OMG, that idea may have just changed my entire life.  I need to find a contractor or someone who could do this for me..... I'll need outlets, cabinets, a stove, and a water line.... that shouldn't be too involved should it?  What do you think about that.... I would lose most of my closet space but I am willing to make it work....

Shew, that's not where I saw this going at all.  Oh well, that's where it went.  Welcome to my run-a-way thoughts.

Daydreaming of cooking...

Mel C

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So it's almost August.  I'm not sure where the year has gone.  I haven't decided if time is moving faster or if I'm just less aware of it's fading into the past, I'm pretty sure it's moving faster.  I was reflecting over the last two or three years (all the files I have on my current computer) today and was astonished by the things that I had prayed over the years that were now true in my life.

I had voiced the desire to have a job that would follow me home, and I now live where I work.

I realized that I was being lead to full time ministry and wasn't sure what that would look like; now I put 40 hours a week in with a Bible based recovery program.

I wanted a community of like minded believers that would push me to be fully committed and all in in my relationship with God and with them; I now belong to a singles group in a church that practices solid community.

I prayed for emotional healing that I was sure would take many many years and have discovered that it really only took a time of repentance and a little more then a year.

I prayed to be more then just "one of the guys" and have found my self in a place of being able to have healthy well guarded friendships with boys and leaving knowing that I am a woman in their eyes.

And the list goes on.  We serve a faithful God who has saved us from ourselves.  We forget that the biggest issue we have (our sin) is not just a series of actions it is literally part of who we are.  Our problem is ingrained in our beings and the only way we can get passed it is if we are rescued from our selves.  After looking over the last few years I am amazed at the woman that I have been made into.  I don't say that to say that I'm amazing because it is truly nothing I have done to make this change happen.  It has all been at the hand of God and as a result of his redemption of me.

Redeemed and loving it,

Mel C